Amulets with Semi-Precious Stones

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FY1St. Christoforos - St. Nikolaos : For safe and joyful trips. Amulet with semi-precious stones:canadian jade,genuine amber from Baltic sea-cut by hand,Lapis Lazouli, Tin.  38
FY2Sun - Fish : For the new Age-the coming changes. Amulet with semi-precious stones: Tigers eye, Lapis Luzouli, Carnelian, Jade, Amethyst, Tin.  45
FY3Fairy - Scarab : For the joy and pleasure of daily things. Amulet with semi-precious stones: Carnelian,jasper,genuine amber from Baltic sea-cut by hand, Jade, pink quartz,mineral turquoise, lapis lazouli, amethyst, tin.  38
FY4Ganessa - Fatima's Hand : For prosperity. Amulet with semi-precious stones:Carnelian, Jade, Root of Red Coral, Resin, Tin.  45
FY5Laksmi - Ank Cross : For the love and passion for creation - art. Amulet with semi-precious stones:Thailand Jade,Mother of pearl,agate, Amethyst, mineral Turquoise, Tin.  45
FY6Love - Couple : For the love that is renewed eternally. Amulet with semi-precious stones:quartz,jade,Mother of pearl,ceramic scarab,blou topaz,pink quartz,tin.  38
FY7Virgin Mary - Horus Eye : For the femminine energy, protection and motherhood. Amulet with semi-precious stones: Amethyst,mineral turquoise, blue topaz,lapis lazouli, ,jade,pink quartz and tin.  45
FY8Scarab - Ank Cross : For health. Amulet with semi precious stones: Mother of pearl,jasper,mineral turquoise,genuine amber from Baltic sea-cut by hand,lapis lazouli,green agate,tin.  45

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